Yunhap Kiddie Land Preschool was established in June 2004 as part of the outreach ministry of Korean Community Presbyterian Church. Our school shows Christ love for children by providing them a loving, safe and supportive environment in which they can grow. 



Yunhap Kiddie Land Preschool is designed to meet and exceed the developmental needs of young children ages 2 to 4. Experiences are provided that enrich and enhance all areas (intellectual, social, emotional, physical) of each child’s development. The center’s daily schedule allows each child the opportunity to create, explore the environment, learn problem solving and personal interaction skills, and learn concepts through hands-on activities. Through a balance of both child-directed and teacher-directed activities, children learn to become independent and develop a positive self-esteem. Learning experiences and materials are concrete and relevant to the lives of the children. Each child is respected as a unique individual who develops at his or her own rate. Parents and staff work together to create positive learning experiences for children.


 Instill in the child a positive self image
Enjoy creativity in play, music and art experiences
Learn to cooperate God’s love through others
To help students develop social skills
 To develop skills in the activities of daily living
To promote language development and to develop listening and vocabulary skills
 To promote development of physical and motor skills by control and use of gross and fine muscles.


Conferences & Assessments: 

K4 conferences are scheduled twice a year; assessments monthly.

K2-K3 conferences are given twice a year.


Most written communication will be sent home through folder correspondence.

Please check your child’s folder on Friday’s for important information.

1.Your child will receive a folder to be taken home and returned to school each week (everyday K-4).

   Folders are your daily communication with your child’s teacher. Please remember to look at it and return it back with your child.

Requirements from Home:

1. Children need to bring a season appropriate change of clothes. Labeled and in a zip lock bag.

2. Jackets and / or sweaters need to be labeled and brought in daily. As weather permits, we go outside daily. Please be conscious of the weather and dress  your child with appropriate clothing.

3. Back packs are needed in order to send home folders. K-2 and K-3 students will bring bags on the Monday and take them home on Friday. K-4 students will bring bags with them daily. 

Child Abuse and Neglect:

Georgia law requires that teachers and child-care providers are mandated reporters; suspected cases of abuse and neglect must be reported to the Department of Family and Children’s Service. Our staff will comply with the law in reporting such suspicions.


Parent volunteer:

Teachers will assign parent volunteers at the time of each scheduled school event. Teachers will usually put up signup sheets before the scheduled event. It is at this time we would like to ask parents to volunteer.


Parents Role:

Here are some ways you can help your child to have a good day.

Start day with cheerful frame of mine.
Check the calendar and help your child anticipate the day to come.
Make sure your child gets plenty of rest each night.
Wake your child early enough so that it is not necessary to rush.
Make sure your child eats an adequate and nutritious breakfast daily.
Observe your child carefully before coming to school and if you notice any signs of illness, keep him/her home where he/she will be comfortable and safe.
Keep us informed special circumstances in your child’s life, special guests, new siblings, situations or stress can affect a preschooler in many ways, we would like to help your child deal with this situations by being sensitive to special circumstances.


Special Needs:

The class teacher and director will be assessing students to check for disabilities or special needs during the first 2 months of school. If there are any special needs the school will request a conference with the director and the parent to discuss further options. Special needs children will be admitted to our program only if they can be mainstreamed into a regular classroom appropriate for their age level. Our facility and teachers are not trained or equipped to handle children with exceptional needs.